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Portland Thorns FC, 2014

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memories of #banff #canada #travel

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So according to Alex Morgan, every team in NWSL want Thorns to host a playoff game, because of great atmosphere their fans provide!
I guess she expects other teams to deliberately drop points to Portland or what?

Notice the tone in her voice and face expression - arrogance overload…

^^^at 3:23 mark^^^

i think this is incredibly critical. I’m a fan of her obviously, but i think if it was someone else giving this interview, i wouldn’t think anything about it. I saw nothing wrong with it. I didn’t see anything wrong with her tone or face expression. i think she was asked questions and she answered them. 

As for ‘expecting other teams to drop points’ how stupid. Thats quite the unfair assumption. I bet chicago wants to host a playoff game…SAID NO ONE EVER! Portland has great fans, a great field, and teams love playing there, multiple players have said that. And history shows that teams tend to play well at Providence Park. Dont make assumptions, and don’t be so critical. Lets see you do what she does.

Wow, I see nothing wrong with this interview! Drama!

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Alex Morgan and the Thorns exploded for six goals in a key win against Boston.#alexmorgan #thornsfc #portland #portlandthorns

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